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hotels Gostiniy Dom

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Want to save money while travelling? It’s easy: hotel «Gostiniy Dom» is located in Tyumen. This hotel is located in 26 km from the city center. You can take a walk and explore the neighbourhood area of the hotel. Places nearby: Tyumenskiy Dramaticheskiy Teatr, Aleksandrovskiy Sad and Lesopark Imeni Yu. a. Gagarina.

You need to know

Russian citizens must have an original Russian passport upon arrival.

Additional info

Spend an evening in a nice atmosphere of the bar. You can stop by the restaurant. The hotel cafe is a nice place to have a snack. Wi-Fi on the territory will help you stay on-line..You will find these entertainment amenities on the premises: entertainment. Tourists who can’t live without swimming will appreciate a pool.

Gostiniy Dom

Gostiniy Dom

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