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hotels Linz Sunny

Rooms and guests
2 guests


Want to save money while travelling? It’s easy: hotel «Linz Sunny» is located in Linz. This hotel is located in 3 km from the city center. You can take a walk and explore the neighbourhood area of the hotel. Places nearby: Linzer Stadium, Voestalpine Stahlwent and Casino Linz.

Room description

In the room, for you, there is a DVD player and a TV. The room equipment depends on its category.

You need to know

The hotel does not accept children under 18 years of age staying alone.

Additional info

Want to be always on-line? Wi-Fi is available. Specially for tourists who travel by car, there’s a free parking zone. You can take your pet with you for the journey. Pets are allowed. The staff of the hotel will be happy to talk to you in English and German.

Linz Sunny

Linz Sunny

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