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hotels Klippitzturm

Rooms and guests
2 guests


A great option for a journey on a budget - hotel «Klippitzturm» is located in Bad Sankt Leonhard im Lavanttal. This hotel is located in 7 km from the city center. You can take a walk and explore the neighbourhood area of the hotel. Places nearby: Stadtgalerie, Museum of Modern Art and Alter Platz.

Room description

Here’s what you’ll find in the room to have a rest after a long day: a DVD player, a shower and a TV. The room equipment depends on its category.

Additional info

Free Wi-Fi on the territory will help you to stay on-line. If you travel by car, you can park in a parking zone for free. Specially for tourists who travel by car, there’s a parking zone. The following services are also available for the guests: a sauna..Ski and snowboard fans will enjoy a skiing area. Get ready for a fun and exciting vacation! Here’s what you will find on the premises: a barbeque area. Take your pet with you. Pets are allowed. The staff of the hotel speaks English, German and French.



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