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Tver City - 2,74 km Sheremetyevo - 136,23 km, Vnukovo - 164,28 km, Ostafyevo - 181,36 km Tver - 2,63 km, Konakovo - 57,49 km, Konakovo GRES - 57,53 km River terminal - 2,41 km White Trinity Church - 0,54 km, Christ Navity Convent - 0,85 km, Art Gallery - 1,28 km, Circus - 1,3 km, Obyedinenny Museum - 1,38 km

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The small cozy hotel offers 15 rooms of different categories: from the classic standard to a comfortable suite. Each room has a fresh renovation, modern comfortable furniture and new plumbing. Such an environment allows you to relax as much as possible and have a good time. The hotel is located in a quiet side street with minimal traffic. Within walking distance of the historical center of the city, the Volga River embankment, Victory Park and the Central Stadium. To rent a hotel in Tver at an inexpensive price and with a good location will be an excellent option for both tourists and employees on a business trip.



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