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hotels Pushkin Loft Mini-Hotel

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St Petersburg City - 2,92 km Baltiyskaya - Tsentralno-Zavodskaya line - 1,24 km, Tekhnologichesky Institut - Tsentralno-Zavodskaya line - 1,74 km, Tekhnologichesky Institut - Moskovsko-Petrogradskaya line - 1,74 km Pulkovo - 13,01 km Baltiysky - 1,29 km, Vitebsky - 2,43 km, Moskovsky - 4,4 km Sea terminal - 3,1 km Grand Choral Sinagogue - 0,93 km, St.Nicolas' Cathedral - 0,98 km, Troitsky Cathedral - 1,06 km, Mariinsky Theatre - 1,11 km, Youth Theatre on Fontanka - 1,47 km

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The Pushkin Loft Mini-Hotel is located in St. Petersburg, in the city centre. In the house of the 18th century, where A. S. Pushkin lived. The distance from the mini-hotel to the Mariinsky Theatre is 0.5 km, to St. Isaac's Cathedral - 1.3 km. Pulkovo Airport is 13 km away from the property. All rooms are equipped with a flat-screen TV. Slippers and toiletries are provided. Guests have an access to a shared kitchen. Coffee and tea can be enjoyed at any time. Guests services are Wi-Fi, parking.

Pushkin Loft Mini-Hotel

Pushkin Loft Mini-Hotel

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