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hotels Apartments na Partsezda

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Omsk City - 7,71 km Omsk-Tsentralny - 8,86 km Omsk - 12,73 km River terminal - 8,62 km Zvyozdny Culture Palace - 1,26 km, The Holy Savior's Image Church - 2,42 km, Arena-Omsk - 3,18 km, Dendrological Garden - 5,03 km, Siberian Orthodox Cultural Centre - 5,51 km

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Location Apartments on Partsezda is located in Omsk. This apart-hotel is located 8 km from the city center. Near the apart-hotel there is the Soviet Park, the Green Island Park and the G.I.Genze Regional Arboretum Garden. In the apart-hotel Free Wi-Fi is available on site. Check the information immediately upon arrival. If you are traveling by car, you can park in the parking lot nearby. You can take a pet on a trip. The apart-hotel can accommodate a pet. Other services are also available to guests. For example, laundry, private check-in and check-out and ironing services. The staff of the apart-hotel will support the conversation in English, Spanish and Russian. In the room A TV is provided in the room. The equipment depends on the selected room category.

Apartments na Partsezda

Apartments na Partsezda

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