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Novorossiysk City - 3,29 km Gelendzhik - 22,17 km, Vityazevo - 48,4 km, Pashkovsky - 113,09 km Novorossiysk - 4,51 km, Krymskaya - 29,21 km, Abinsk - 35,07 km Sea terminal - 2,69 km Exhibition Hall - 0,54 km, Malaya Zemlya complex - 1,33 km, Mys Lyubvi - 1,38 km, Novorossiysk City Theatre - 2,08 km, Historical Estate Museum - 2,24 km

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New, modern, the hotel of the hero-city of Novorossiysk, for leisure, business tourists, as well as long stays with the ability to accommodate families of up to 6 people, is located in one of the picturesque places of the city in close proximity to beaches, shopping centers and major attractions. The hotel offers 70 rooms of various categories. Large-format TVs, refrigerators, personal safes, luxurious beds and sofas, comfortable upholstered furniture sets, electric and microwave ovens, washing machines and dishwashers, free wireless Internet access throughout the hotel. From the windows of balconies and loggias offer superb views of the panorama of the city and Tsemesskaya bay. All balconies and loggias are equipped with park furniture. Rooms are equipped with electronic access system. On the second floor of the hotel there is a buffet in which you can have breakfast or sit in the evening over a cup of coffee.



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