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hotels Metropol

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Makhachkala City - 6,84 km Uytash - 15,77 km, Grozny - 159,55 km Makhachkala - 7,11 km, Derbent - 115,84 km, Gudermes - 126,77 km Sea terminal - 7,09 km Ali Haji Akushinsky Mosque - 1,99 km, Makhachkala City History Museum - 2,16 km, City Museum - 2,18 km, Ak-Gel Park - 3,49 km, Aqualand Aquapark - 5,52 km

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"The Metropol Hotel" is set in a new building, located 15 minutes from the city centre and the airport. The hotel is situated in a coastwise area of the Lazurniy Bereg district between the cities of Makhachkala and Kaspiysk, in close proximity to traffic routes and beach area. Accommodation is available in 53 rooms of different categories, including Single, Double and Triple rooms, as well as two-room Suites for families with children or business groups. Each guest room includes ante-room, bedroom with living room area, and bathroom. All the rooms are light and spacious, and have large windows. Each room includes - comfortable bed, working desk, TV, and bathroom with shower. "The Metropol Hotel" has the entire infrastructure for hosting corporate events and conferences. Guests can avail of Wi-Fi Internet coverage throughout the hotel territory and of a car parking lot. Hotel facilities also include bowling hall, gym, sauna, swimming pool, billiards hall, and tennis hall.



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