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hotels Grand Leonardo

Rooms and guests
2 guests


Krasnodar City - 2,66 km Pashkovsky - 15,24 km, Gelendzhik - 88,02 km, Vityazevo - 125,7 km Krasnodar-2 - 3,52 km, Krasnodar-1 - 4,21 km, Severskaya - 27,5 km River terminal - 1,93 km Kovcheg Evangelical Christians-Baptists Church - 0,61 km, Arboretum - 1,87 km, Hero's Memory Square - 1,93 km, Svyato-Ilyinskaya Church - 2 km, Kisses Bridge - 2,02 km

Additional info

Grand Leonardo hotel, located near the Krasnodar city centre, opened its doors to the first visitors in 2014. The hotel combines a diverse number of rooms. The hotel offers a cozy stay, opportunity to have a delicious breakfast in cafe or in room, to hold a private party. The courtyard is perfect for relaxing in the fresh air and closed area will allow not worrying about the kids. Guests can be assured of their cars that are located at the guarded Parking.

Grand Leonardo

Grand Leonardo

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