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hotels Dobro

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Khabarovsk City - 0,3 km Khabarovsk Novy - 10,1 km Khabarovsk-1 - 2,69 km, Birobidzhan-1 - 160,26 km River terminal - 0,58 km Uspensky Cathedral - 0,37 km, Palazzo Art Holding - 0,42 km, Officers' Club Concert Hall - 0,48 km, Khabarovsk Drama Theatre - 0,58 km, Philharmonic Hall - 0,65 km

Additional info

"Dobro" hotel is a mini hotel located in a unique house, built in 1956, located on the 30th red line. The hotel is located in the historic center of Khabarovsk, 30 meters from the Red Line - Karl Marx Street. The hotel is located three to five minutes walk from Komsomolskaya Square and the Amur River Embankment. The hotel offers 9 rooms of various categories. Each room has an energy-saving flat-screen TV in the suites of 2 (one in the bedroom). Each room is equipped with air conditioning, a smart Xiaomi kettle, and a universal extension cord for seamless charging of most gadgets. Outlets in the rooms are equipped with USB. All rooms are equipped with LED lamps of alternative lighting, from comfortable white to neutral daylight to romantic yellow for comfortable rest. Each room has a clothes hanger, a desk, an office chair, a full-length mirror, and the suites are equipped with a mini-bar fridge. All rooms have a private spacious bathroom with a shower, with installed floor heating throughout the area and a hygienic shower. Facilities include shuttle service, luggage storage, free WI-FI, parking, ironing facilities upon request, slippers and toiletries.



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