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hotels Angelo by Vienna House (former Angelo Airport Hotel Ekaterinburg)

Rooms and guests
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Ekaterinburg City - 15,61 km Botanicheskaya - Tsentralno-Zavodskaya line - 11,35 km Koltsovo - 0,2 km, Alapaevsk - 133,89 km, Balandino - 167,58 km Aramil - 10 km, Ekaterinburg - 16,73 km, Bazhenovo - 34,96 km International Exhibition Centre "Ekaterinburg-Expo" - 3,02 km, Mosque - 4,52 km, Malina Park - 4,63 km, Aramil Motocross Track - 4,8 km, Aramil Culture Palace - 5,99 km

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Angelo by Vienna House combines European level of services and famous Russian hospitality. It is the first angelo design conception project successfully put into life in Russia. After a very long and tiring journey guests of the angelo Airport Hotel find themselves in a stylish atmosphere of the unique design with thoroughly thought through combinations of colors and forms, modern technologies and oriental culture because of the certain interior details. The direct sheltered pass makes it very fast and easy to get to the airport Koltsovo (Terminal A) from the hotel, since the pass is only 50 meters long. Such a unique service as getting registered for a flight and getting a boarding pass at the reception of the hotel might be used by hotel's residents. There are 199 standard twin rooms and 12 suites available for guests of the hotel. A very spacious conference hall has modern equipment and its own entrance which makes it very convenient for hosting various events for up to 600 persons. The hoyrl invites its guests to Sunlight restaurant, VIP-bar and Jazz-bar. The latter is open around the clock. For those guests, whose flights are in the morning, an early express-breakfast can be served in this bar.

Angelo by Vienna House (former Angelo Airport Hotel Ekaterinburg)

Angelo by Vienna House (former Angelo Airport Hotel Ekaterinburg)

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